cutton sculptor



Born in 1966, in small town Jawhar, in India, Anant showed his multitalent skill in drawing sketches, painting portraits during his schooldays.He used to gather unfrequented material or things to create imagery figures and renditions in art to explore innovative ideas.

Anant received his bachelor degree in science with Chemistry as principal subject from Pune University in India.

It was 1987, when an organiser of Ganesh Festival was searching for new concept for decoration. Anant accepted that challenge and necessitated to create idol of Lord Ganesh from cotton wool , gratifying organiser and viewers. This was a turning point in the life of Anant along with a new material or medium called Cotton. "My father , Narayan , used to imbue to discover new ideas and sheltering me with strong tutelage," Anant says.

Creativity, spirituality, sensibility and captivity are the qualities of the soul within, and therefore he says " I am God gifted artist " Despite formal education in sculpture and human teacher, Anant could conquer the difficulties in the journey of cotton sculptures.

Anant worked in private sector for three years and in government office for 28 years ,simultaneously he dedicated to cotton sculpture setting exemplification for new comers in this field. Anant has sculpted more than 2000 cotton sculptures , with perpetual practice of four hours per day.

Cotton sculptures have been recognised and recorded into Limca Book of Records in India and Guinness Book of world Records in London. Cotton sculptures have been displayed in various cities in solo and groups. Anant has been recipient of many awards in the nation and abroad,

"Soul within human body with connection to the supersoul, creates cotton sculpture. Human body is medium of creativity." Anant says.

Artist´s Statement

Artists can´t be created nor be destroyed. They have been created by nature to protect the nature .They get intuition from nature and work for nature.

Nature has bestowed me with this unique art, cotton art. I never worked under master of sculpture. My knowledge of cotton sculpture comes from within. A divine power always directs me whenever there is problematic stage of cotton sculpture.

My education is in the field of chemistry, I worked in financial institute for 28 years. God gifted me with innovative art of cotton sculpture, therefore my personality is mixture of vivid activities and skils.

Most challenging assignment was that working on sculpture of Lord Shri Ram having height of 12 feet. Structural engineering made from cotton itself for this monumental sculpture was time and energy consuming job. My son Rishikesh helped a lot covering 90% work of cotton armature for this huge sculpture.

I remember primordial period of cotton art, in 1987, I created idol of Lord Ganesha as an experiment but the creativity was appreciated a lot. Later I concentrated on faces of the human being for creation of different expressions, it may be senorita or sexagenarian.

The psyche of the sculpture and mine assemblage to express sensibility and accuracy of the face. I learnt anatomy of the human body my own, to express accuracy. Instinctively I love to study facial expressions of human being and bring them into cotton sculpture. I never worked under guidance of master of sculpture, humbly to say, imbued with teachings of divine nature .